Twitch battles fake Elon Musk streams again with scam bitcoin giveaways

Many cryptocurrency continue to gain popularity and ill-intentioned users advertise fake giveaways of the most famous token. These users may be able to access the wallet of the winner to take out any valuable assets.

Twitch started rapidly displaying Bitcoin ‘giveaway streams in November 2020. They used old Elon Musk clips to get viewers to jump to the top of Just Chatting.

The stream was quickly removed by the platform, but almost immediately they were reinstated with another account. Now those fake Twitch streams have returned – amassing more than 10 thousand viewers before being quickly banned.

Scam Elon Musk Bitcoin giveaways take control of Twitch

These accounts were quickly noticed by real viewers, who were interested in what was happening.

Twitch banned the accounts on April 13 after receiving reports about botched accounts. New accounts were quickly created and moved to the top in the “Just Chatting” directory.

The channel names were simply “elon_musk” with random numbers at the end. It appears that botted accounts are gone, at least for the moment.

It is important to remember that Elon Musk doesn’t have a Twitch account at the time this article was written. He could create one, and it would be a part of the platform’s coveted partner checkmark.

This is not the first instance of fake giveaways featuring the Tesla founder, who is a prominent name in cryptocurrency and a prolific figure in the crypto scene.

Musk, MrBeast and other prominent names’ twitter accounts were hacked in July 2020. The hackers used the accounts to fakely giveaway crypto.

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