The News Spy Review

What is The News Spy Software?

Basically put, The News Spy software is a news intelligence hub. That is, the software combines human analysis by professional traders and analysts with the automation of news collection. The end result is unmatched performance that is able to accurately pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities.
The News Spy software was created by John Mayers. He is well-known in the cryptocurrency industry since he was responsible for developing an advanced and intuitive auto-trading platform. His platform has enabled many people to earn a lot of money from the cryptocurrencies market, with ease.

The News Spy software is an online tool that can be used by both new and advanced traders. It works by collecting and analyzing trading data that comes from a wide range of markets, online media and different news outlets. The app will collect all the relevant data in the financial markets, and with the assistance of algorithms and expert analysts, this data is then analyzed and trading signals are then created. These trading signals advise a trader which assets to trade and when. With the simplicity of the trading signals that are generated, The News Spy can be used by anyone, even if you have no prior trading experience or an understanding of the markets.

A major benefit of The News Spy software tool is the speed at which the market news is analyzed. In order to be a successful online trader, analyzing and understanding the markets is a vital part of trading success. The downside is that this analysis can sometimes takes hours and hours, if not days. The fact is, we do not all have the spare time to spend hours analyzing the markets, plus we all definitely do not have the required analytical skills. So, this is where The News Spy tool shines. It does all the analysis for you, with the trading experts, to quickly know when a trading opportunity is available in the markets. When you then follow the recommendations from the experts, which is based on accurate markets analysis, big profits are inevitable.

Another big benefit of The News Spy software is that it scans the markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, trading opportunities are never lost, plus it gives traders the flexibility and convenience of trading at any time.

Who The News Spy runs:

That is a very interesting question, on the entire homepage is no name of a really existing person. The promotion video contains only stock clips and an offscreen speaker. There is not even an email address here, just a contact form, similar to ours. The domain was bought about an identity hiding service, as a WHOIS request proves. An anonymous service is always very suspicious, there is no reason to hide his name at a reputable product. On the contrary, such a behavior destroys all confidence. Companies advertise their products by their own names, anonymous websites are always managed by individuals or very small groups. They request, that you deposit money, but you do not even know who receives it or whom you can turn to. Using an app like The News Spy is very risky, we can not warn often enough. As next, let’s let see how The News Spy works:

How The News Spy works:

That is the next unanswered question. It claims to collect worldwide crypto news, using a unique algorithm. The results are analyzed by a team of specialists, fires the trading signals. This should help to be always one step ahead the market prices. This algorithm is nowhere described in detail. In the financial industry branch is transparency very important. A not detailed algorithm is untrustworthy. As mentioned above, it is certain that there is not a team of professionals behind. As it is free, how will The News Spy pay their members? You can only use official news, else it is called insider information. Using it in your trading strategy is a worldwide punished crime. The example of the homepage shows a market reaction delay of one hour. That is another lie! If you have ever traded fundamentals (=news trading), you know, the market react instantly. News portals and similar share their new information with ten of thousand traders and other following portals, sharing the information again. There are still more lies on the website:

Online trading is an exciting way to earn money but if you ask professional traders, they will quickly tell you that trading success comes from really understanding the financial markets. That is, trading online is not a guessing game. You do not trade in Google shares, for example, simply because you think the price will go up. You need to take into consideration a variety of factors that will impact the Google share price so that you have a clear understanding of the direction that the price will move. This includes taking into account the many news reports that are released all the time.

So, at this point, you are properly thinking that there are thousands of financial news stories released all the time and you are also probably wondering which new reports you should be focusing on and which ones you should base your trade on.This is where The News Spy takes center stage.

This innovative, effective software tool is able to quickly scan hundreds of relevant new sources and to pinpoint those that are likely to impact market movements. Analysts then rank the incoming information and a trading signal is created, letting the trader know what to trade and when to trade. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

The News Spy Trading Review – Everything You Need to Know

In this The News Spy trading review, we are going to really explore this powerful and effective tool and reveal everything there is to know about it. Does it really increase trading accuracy? Can new traders really use this software to trade accurately? Our goal is to find both the advantages and the disadvantages of The News Spy tool so that you can make an educated decision about making it a part of your trading activities.

To start off our review, we did a search online and found many sites where users are making a lot of money thanks to The News Spy software. Many even claim to be me making over $1,500 daily and it seems that the general consensus is that thanks to The News Spy tool, anyone is able to master the art of trading and to make real profits. So, now it is time for us to put The News Spy software to the test.

The News Spy Fake Videos:

The News Spy homepage contains three videos of supposed users, reporting how they made thousands of dollars. These were undoubtedly bought on Fiverr is a homepage, on that amateurs offer their services. In addition to graphic artists, musicians and much else, there are also the wicked services to recite a text by heart. These are often used by fraudsters to publish fake reviews. In all three videos play well-known actors, especially the right one is conspicuous, since he always shoots video movies in his car. Let’s talk as next about the real user experiences that end up in our inbox:

Here’s how the system works.

While it’s not a perfect formula, and you can expect some losses along the way, this program does everything in the book to give you a competitive advantage when it comes to online trading.

When you’re ready to get signed up for the News Network, head to their signup page by clicking the link. There you’ll get registered, and prompted for a download. After that, you’ll fund your account for trading. One you’ve got that done, you’ll start finding the stocks you want to target. This can be done automatically, or manually depending on your preference.

So, will The News Spy Network work for me?

We’re not sure. There’s nothing in life that’s guaranteed, that much we know. But this system looks to be one of the better ones out there.

The News Spy software’s website does not have a face, it is an anonymous website: another thing that I discover while I was investigating that software is that the software is anonymous, and when a website is anonymous it means that is a scam because if something goes wrong or if a problem happens, you are not going to be able to contact the people who created the software because you do not have anything which helps you to contact them, and unfortunately The News Spy software is an anonymous website because when I was on their website, I was not able to found any Contact Us section or Support Section where they give us an email or a phone number, so this website is anonymous because there is no way to contact them.

The section named “See what our customers have to say”: also on The News Spy website they have a section with videos of the people who already joined their software and their experiences with the software, but unfortunately that is another lie because all the people who appears in that videos are hired actors, they are only doing their work while they are lying you.


The conclusion about The News Spy software: I just have to tell you, please stay away of that software because there is no way that they can help you to become a millionaire person because all this website is based on lies and their only objective is to make you invest with them so they can steal you, so, stay away of that software because it is a scam.