Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson Asks Fans if They Prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum

Former professional boxer known as “Kid Dynamite” and “Iron Mike”, tweeted on Saturday about bitcoin and ethereum and asked his followers to choose their favorite crypto asset. Tyson is very familiar with bitcoin. On July 25, 2015, Tyson tweeted about an automated teller machine (ATM), that had his image. A website called was also shared by Tyson. It is now offline. Tyson was connected at the time with Bitcoin Direct LLC, but the venture was soon forgotten after some drama .

Tyson has recently teamed up to the full-service agency NFT studio 1ofone. The announcement states that Tyson will release his first official NFT collection in August with 1ofone. It will be available through Cory Van Lew, a digital artist, collaborated with Tyson to create the NFT collection. It will feature ‘iconic moments’ from his career, unlockable content, as well as a limited release.

Tyson stated that he is excited to be part of the crypto/tech community because he has learned more about NFT’s. “It’s the future, and I chose 1ofone as my partner to help me navigate the NFT community with something truly creative and innovative that tells a story of who I am.”

Tyson’s Saturday tweet not only attracted attention from many crypto enthusiasts but also the legendary rapper Busta Rhymes. Rhymes was also intrigued by cryptocurrency recently, and tweeted his curiosity to all his Twitter followers. Tyson then asked Rhymes: “Which one do you prefer, BTC? or ETH?” replied to Rhymes and stated : “Mike, I’m right here with you.” I spent the last 30 minutes reading the comments section.

There are many responses to Tyson’s tweet in the comments section. Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor replied, and stated that he spent over a thousand hours researching this question before deciding to choose bitcoin. So far, I’ve bought $2.9 billion in Bitcoin. I believe it’s the future for digital property. Tyson received a reply from Jack Dorsey on Twitter and shared

Tyson’s question gets a lot of responses

Tyson’s thread mentions a variety of crypto assets that were shilled by other people. The official Baby Doge Coin Twitter account stated that Mike let’s discuss #BabyDoge with a boxing glove, dog emoji and boxing gloves. Tyson also asked Ray Youssef, Paxful’s executive, for his response. Youssef commented, “Great to have you here Mike.” “Bitcoin, which is peaceful and honest, is halal”

Youssef added:

[Ethereum] can be used to defi, which is permissionless protobanking. Both have their places, but I prefer bitcoin. The people of Africa use it every day to escape economic apartheid.

Others just meant Tyson wasn’t forced to pick if he had both crypto assets. The Tyson tweet sparked a lot of ether and bitcoin supporters to fight. Most of the came from the Bitcoin Maximist crowd, while others claimed that there are better coins Tyson didn’t mention.

Another person stated that ETH was an entire decentralized secure economic system. BTC [a] decentralized secure orange currency. ETH is my preference. Tyson’s question has many answers. Busta Rhymes stated that one could spend 30 minutes perusing them.

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