Why Bitcoin Is So Divisive

One of the strangest things about crypto is its divisive nature. Depending on who you talk to, crypto could be described as either “potentially revolutionizing the global economy” or “worse than tulip bulbs”. This is a rare asset class that generates such extremes. Some people like emerging markets and some people don’t, but no one threatens […]

Former ECB President: Bitcoin Market’s Speculative Nature “Not Healthy”

Bitcoin has been subjected to scrutiny again. And now, the former president of one of the World’s most significant monetary unit- the ECB (European Central Bank)-has criticized the cryptocurrency industry scolding what he finds as being the pitfalls in the digital assets arena. The pitfall in question is the financial theoretical side of the Bitcoin […]

Tassat Preps for Bitcoin-Swaps Trading

Doing the trade in the Bitcoin spin-offs will be witnessing an upstick as the most recent swaps-execution facility starts trading. And all the things that we have been doing in relation to the financial instruments has been conducted through the partnership with the participants, as well as the technology has already been developed as well […]