Bitcoin Loophole Review

Robot BitCoin Loophole
Official Website URL
Support Types Email, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Payout 95%
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Credit Card, Neteller, Web Money, BitCoin, eWallet
Number of Assets 60+
Overall Score 5/5

Bitcoin Loophole is a product of the cryptocurrency trading’s growth. It has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. The digital currencies have garnered attention and sure they will rule the financial world in the future.

When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin hit the market, people were intrigued. The value of the new digital currency rose from nothing to more than $2000 per coin until hitting the $20k mark early in 2018. When the price of Bitcoin dropped down, people started to question its existence.

They were unsure whether these types of digital currencies are as desirable as they are meant to be. However, to everyone’s surprise, the value of Bitcoin has surpassed over $5000 per Bitcoin and many are forecasting that it may reach more than one million dollars per coin in the future.

The recent price surge of Bitcoin has outperformed all other conventional assets, as a result of which more and more investors started to try their hands on Bitcoin.

In order to efficiently perform BTC trading, you need to pick the right tool. The automatic trading robots efficiently monitor and predict the market and assure profitability 24×7. The trading bots rightly pick the signals and place trades at a rapid pace compared to those done manually. They let their users stay ahead of the chart.

Taking advantage of people’s fascination towards the new digital assets like Bitcoin, a lot of scammers lures people and loot their money with false promises. You need to perform due diligence to find the legit software to carry out the trade.

Bitcoin Loophole is one such genuine software that simplifies trade and helps you attain higher fortunes. The trading bot takes advantage of the huge gains offered by minimal investments. It has actually become an integral part of many people’s daily trading activities.

Bitcoin Loophole is described by many reputable cryptocurrency experts as the most effective and successful software in bitcoin trading. It is created by stock exchange specialists, accountants, and lawyers to ensure that it provides accurate and useful information about bitcoin trading. You can customize the settings from automatic and semi-automatic system, whichever is more convenient for you. This awesome software automatically invests your bitcoin whenever there is an opportunity of winning always with the help of the experts. From the last 1,342 trading, this remarkable software only lost one session, which is definitely rare for trading systems. This number only shows how effective this software is. So if you want to earn big from your cryptocurrency investment, this software is a must have.

Bitcoin Loophole is studied by Japan, the US stock exchange authorities, and many other experts in stock market industry so you do not need to worry about this software’s effectiveness and legalities such as:

  • No investment return
  • Wasted time and effort
  • Many lost session
  • Account security
  • Non working software

Step by step how to sign up with Bitcoin Loophole

Registering with Bitcoin Loophole is simple and has the same process as other recommended robots. It consists of 3 steps; signing up, depositing into your account, and then simply hitting the button ‘auto-trading’. Follow the instructions below to start trading now.


Navigate to the website’s sign-up page at Enter your full name and email address in the fields provided, then click “Get access now”. You will then be taken to the Bitcoin Loophole members’ area, where you’ll be prompted for additional details. As well as confirming your name and email, you’ll need to supply your phone number and create a password for your account. You’ll be sent an email and an SMS message to confirm your details.


When you’ve completed your registration, you will be redirected to the page for your online broker. You’ll need to create a trading account in order to use BTC Loophole. Once your trading account is set up, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can start trading.


Once you’ve made your initial $250 deposit, you will be redirected to the main login page for the Bitcoin Loophole site. Use the login you created when you registered to sign in. You will then be able to start trading straight away, using the automated system or manual trades. You can withdraw your $250 and any earnings you have made at any time.

Our Bitcoin Loophole experience: the team

The main brain behind the Bitcoin Loophole system is Steve McKay. McKay began coding as a teenager in the 1990s, starting with small software applications. Recognising the potential offered by the internet and computer technology, he opted to focus his studies on computing. When Bitcoin emerged on the scene, McKay was intrigued by the possibilities the new currency offered. He began looking for ways to profit from cryptocurrency and eventually moved into automated trading bots. After finding that he could make significant sums using the software he’d developed, McKay decided to turn his ideas into marketable products. McKay has created various systems for automating cryptocurrency trades, including the Bitcoin Code system and others.

Our Bitcoin Loophole experience: Key features

  • Payment Methods:Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Bank Wire
  • Customer Support:24/7 customer support
  • Professional Trading Indicators

The BTC Loophole app has several nice features. One is the demo account. The system allows you to set up a demo account with virtual money, enabling you to familiarise yourself with the software in a practice environment before you invest any real money.

Once you’re ready to trade, the system will connect you with recommended brokers to help handle your investments. Bitcoin Loophole runs on both your desktop and mobile devices, so you can invest and trade on the go. You’re not tied to your computer as with some inferior systems. The BTC Loophole interface allows you to choose from a range of languages.

Withdrawals are easy. You simply log in, select the withdrawal option and specify the amount you want to take out of your trading account. The money is then credited to your bank account within two working days.

How does Bitcoin Loophole compare to other robots?

The BTC Loophole system compares favourably to other robots. It’s perhaps a little more advanced than Steve McKay’s earlier Bitcoin Code system, although there’s not a great deal to choose between them. BTC Loophole is also very similar in principle to another top contender, CryptoSoft BTC Loophole is perhaps a little easier to use and offers potentially higher earnings. The BTC Loophole mobile app also compares well with similar systems; it’s very user-friendly and stable. The minimum investment of $250 compares favourably with other bots’ minimums as it’s in line with the expected outlay for a system of this type.

Has Bitcoin Loophole Been Featured on TV?

It is rumored that the Bitcoin Loophole software has appeared on different television programs, including Shark Tank, This Morning, and the Dragon Den’s. Currently, there is no proof that this is the case.

There might be the possibility that some of these programs have discussed the wave of cryptocurrencies, but from what is known right now, they have yet to advertise a particular robot.

Is Bitcoin Loophole Endorsed by Celebrities?

Another rumour present is that this software is endorsed by more than a handful of celebrities, including Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, and Peter Jones. Even so, there is no proof that is true. It is well-known that numerous celebrities use trading robots to invest their earnings. Below are some good examples of celebrities that have been said to endorse Bitcoin Loophole:

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a successful entrepreneur and TV star, that made his fortune with cooking shows such as Hell’s Kitchen. It looks like Gordon Ramsay might have invested in Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency due to its highly lucrative status, but his involvement with Bitcoin Loophole is not known by us. In fact, Gordon, if you’re reading our official review, please contact us!

Elon Musk

The CEO of the Tesla company Elon Musk is an early adopter of Bitcoin. He’s stated multiple times on the media that he supports what Bitcoin is doing and thinks that its the currency of the future. He hasn’t been involved in creating or backing Bitcoin Loophole, but he knows that Bitcoin can provide multiple gains for whoever’s invested in it.

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin Business and Empire has been said to endorse Bitcoin Loophole. He has invested in Bitcoin, and the same Bitcoin has made his business flourish. He hasn’t invested in Bitcoin Loophole yet, but we’re all ears if you want to make us a proposal!

Peter Jones

The Irish Entrepreneur Peter Jones has said many times he’s not endorsed Bitcoin Loophole. He even tweeted that he does not endorse Bitcoin Loophole. Someone was using this name and our name to falsely claim he endorses the automatic software Bitcoin Loophole. He doesn’t endorse the Bitcoin Loophole app as he has confirmed before.

Due to the meaningful profit they have garnered, a lot of them have retired from show business. So, finding out that several celebrities utilise this platform would not be a surprise.

On the other hand, it would be a surprise to find out that a celebrity endorses a robot, because the trading field is one where this type of endorsement is unheard of due to its seriousness. There is no infomercial needed or wanted to promote any robot.

Is Bitcoin Loophole a Scam or Not?

Due to there being proof to back every statement that the creators of this system have made regarding it, the possibility that this is a scam is almost impossible. There are no downfalls that have been noted. Also, the creators of it have not failed to come forward with any inquiries that people have made. There is just nothing negative to say about the Bitcoin Loophole software, which should bring you peace of mind if the features, advantages, and registration process have caused you to consider testing it.

The Top Five Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit with Bitcoin Loophole?

This system is free to utilize, but there is a minimum deposit of $250 to begin trading. This is something that will always be required from you, no matter what robot it is that you are using.

Does this system channel funds through trusted brokers?

You can count on this method to only channel funds through reliable and/or regulated online brokers that have already been verified as reliable by the Bitcoin Loophole creators.

Can digital coins be chosen to trade?

Yes, this method provides several digital coins that you can utilize to trade with. One of the goals of the creators of this method is to simplify the trading process as much as possible for traders, hence why this integration has been conducted.

Is there a Bitcoin Loophole app?

At the moment, there is no application available, but due to its popularity, one might appear in the near future. The creators of it are always going the extra mile to simplify this system even more, so the news that an app might in the developing process would not be surprising.

What is the maximum earning that I can make?

There is no limit as to the amount of earnings you can make. It all depends on how you set the robot and the deposit that you made.

Bitcoin Loophole Review: The Verdict?

The reported success rate of this trading system is superb when compared to other popular platforms that have a good rate, too. The advantages and features that accompany it have been proven to be of great benefit. So, trying it is something that you should take into account if you want to test one of the most innovative trading platforms, which reflects to work in an efficacious and advance manner.