Bitcoin Billionaire Review: Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading

What is Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire is an auto trading software based on algorithms that allow it to place trades automatically, without requiring you to take any action. Platforms like this one claim to be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, which would be the reason lying behind their high success rates. In fact, trading robots like this one claim to have high accuracy in predicting market and price changes with impressive accuracy. Bitcoin Billionaire in particular is said to be capable of analysing the market in seconds and out of all the trades it places, it claims that almost 90% will be profitable.

How does Bitcoin Billionaire works?

To understand the working of the Bitcoin Billionaire, we should first take a look at what exactly is a cryptocurrency trading robot. A cryptocurrency trading robot mainly is all automatic, which means that the user requires no prior research or input of settings. The system itself makes all the things that are needed to place a successful trade, and the user only needs to monitor their profits and withdraw them from time to time.

Now take yourself back to the time when everything was manual. This means that everything was done by hand may it be construction or carrying things from one place to another etc. But with the advancement of technology, we have lots of machines that have evicted the use of human labor and this has made complicated situations easy as well. Thus, high-rise buildings could be made without any danger to human life.

In our analogy, we would say that technological advancement is analogous to the automatic cryptocurrency trading robot. Initially, only finance experts could trade on trading robots because there was a huge probability of losing money. But now, even inexperienced to users can create profits because the system does everything and the trader himself requires almost zero effort.

Because the robot is based on algorithms, there is an 88% chance that you will receive a profit. However, one must make sure that they invest in the minimum possible manner if they are a beginner, as technology can go wrong any time.


  • Payouts: The payouts that are given by Bitcoin Billionaire primarily depend upon the way in which you trade on the software. According to some test, even by a minimum investment of a mere US$250 significant profits were made. This is a considerable amount in comparison to some websites which turn out to be a fraud, and you end up losing a lot of your money.
  • Verification system: If you think that long verification systems are annoying and end up wasting a lot of your time, you are in luck. Here at Bitcoin Billionaire, you will only require some necessary details in order to make your bank deposit. Unlike other places where you have to solve entire questionnaires here, some essential information does the job.
  • Withdrawals and deposits: If you have an experience of cryptocurrency trading on other software, you might have an idea that withdrawals and deposits may take as long as seven or 10 days to follow. But here at Bitcoin Billionaire, it will take five minutes to deposit while if you want to withdraw some money, it will be processed in one day itself. Isn’t that great?
  • Cost or fees: As you might have read earlier in this post, we have mentioned that there are no hidden costs or fees at bitcoin billionaire. The only thing that you have to make in the form of deposit is the initial capital out of which the minimum amount is supposed to be US$250.
  • User Testimonials: Whenever we think of investing in new technology, we need to be sure of its insurance. This is why, if user testimonial is present, they can ensure the honesty of the platform. In this case, Bitcoin Billionaire has also made a positive impact because several positive comments are available, which give the user the confidence to invest without the hassle of going through the worries of losing any money.
  • Customer service: Customer service is available throughout the day. You can contact them via live chat or email if you face any problems do not hesitate to tell them at any stage of your trading.
  • Brokers: This is a very remarkable feature of every cryptocurrency trading robot. One can connect to a broker after successfully logging in their accounts. The brokers that are associated with bitcoin billionaire are trusted and very reliable on the cryptocurrency scene. Thus, the user ought not bother about their money going lost.

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Registering a New Bitcoin Billionaire Account

My team was delighted to find out that all we needed to do to open a new Bitcoin Billionaire account was to download the registration form and enter the user name, an active email address, and a phone number. It was that easy. We have tested many auto trading platforms, and registering a new account is usually an issue because the processes other trading platforms require are too lengthy.

Before opening a new Bitcoin Billionaire account, there is a window that allows users to confirm if they can use the auto trading platform in their home country.

Creating the new account

We needed to open a new Bitcoin Billionaire account to gain access to exclusive features that can only be used by registered account owners. For example, the live trading feature cannot be activated without access to an active Bitcoin Billionaire account. After entering the required information, we created a password to secure the new account.

Making a Deposit

This is another important aspect of the auto trading platform we needed to test. Many people will be interested in knowing how the payment system works. Thankfully, we had a good experience. To make a deposit, we needed to choose from multiple payment options on the site. We found payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and many others. For this test, we made a payment of $250, which is the minimum value allowed on the auto trading platform. The payment through PayPal was quick and smooth. Our new account was credited in seconds, and we were ready to test the live trading feature.

Demo Trading on Bitcoin Billionaire

We are always happy to find a demo trading feature on these platforms. The demo trades are similar to live trading processes; they can be used without trading with real money. This feature makes it possible for anyone to study how the trading robots on Bitcoin Billionaire work before investing real money. With our experience as crypto traders, we used the demo trading feature, and everything worked perfectly.

Live Trading

The Live trading system is the core part of the entire investment process. We were excited to have access to use this feature. We needed to set a stop-loss limit before activating live trading on our account. The stop-loss defines a limit to which the trading robot can use funds deposited in our Bitcoin Billionaire account.

Users only need to spend a few minutes every day to make money with Bitcoin Billionaire. All they need to do is activate the live trading feature for the number of hours they wish to trade and end the live trading session. All these processes only require a few clicks. We were impressed with the layout and design of the auto trading platform, which makes it easy for everyone to make money daily.

My team monitored our first live trading session, it went as expected, Bitcoin Billionaire works excellently, and everyone can make money daily. Bitcoin Billionaire is similar to other outstanding auto trading platforms such as Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Era.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
The best choice  Bitcoin Billionaire is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App

How lucrative is trading Bitcoins?

Many people are becoming millionaires overnight by leveraging the cryptocurrency market. This is why we need to help more people find the best auto trading platforms that really work. Users of Bitcoin Billionaire are publishing testimonials that indicate they are making as much as $1,500 every day. This is an impressive return on their investment. We are not surprised at these claims because we have tested the system and Bitcoin Billionaire is one of the best auto trading platforms to consider when you need to become rich by trading cryptocurrency.

Earning a passive income with Bitcoin Billionaire is easy. We only needed to sit in front of our computer during the live trading session we had because it was a test. Other users can spend only twenty minutes with a computer and make so much money. All that is required is to activate the live trading session with the click of a button and stop live trade after a few hours. Users can leave their computers running during a live trade while the robots do all the work. We are happy with our positive discoveries while testing Bitcoin Billionaire, and excited about informing our readers who are looking for a profitable auto trading platform for cryptocurrency that works.

Please feel free to use these tips when you start investing with Bitcoin Billionaire:

Please start with the minimum deposit: It is best to start with the lowest deposit of $250, with this approach you can study your growth pattern and invest more money later.

Study cryptocurrency market trends: You can learn so much about the cryptocurrency market from online news forums and other media, the information you learn can help you make better decisions regarding the money you invest.

Withdraw your profit: It is a great idea to withdraw your profit; you should leave only the capital in the system which can be reinvested.

Is there a Bitcoin Billionaire Mobile App?

We did not find any mobile app for Bitcoin Billionaire on the popular app stores. However, it is very easy to gain access to the system. You can use a browser on your smartphone or laptop to open the Bitcoin Billionaire site and use all its features.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire Legit?

It is not a secret that finding accurate information online when it comes to bitcoin robots can be quite challenging. That is why we test robots individually, to give you everything you need to make an informed decision. Our test of Bitcoin Billionaire revealed that the software appears legit.

According to Bitcoin Billionaire, around 9 out of 10 trades placed automatically on their software are successful. We found thousands of user testimonials which have backed this claim, similarly to other great auto trading robots, like Bitcoin Revolution or Immediate Edge.


Can I withdraw earned Bitcoins directly?

No, that is not how it works. Your earnings are converted automatically to your local currency when you initiate a withdrawal. The value after conversion is credited to your local bank account.

How do I choose a broker for my account?

The system automatically pairs brokers with accounts. However, we confirmed that only experienced and professional brokers are affiliated with Bitcoin Billionaire. We contacted some of them and confirmed they are the best. So, any broker assigned to your account will perform excellently.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Bitcoin is a valuable asset that can be used to earn much money daily. There are many millionaires who made their fortune from trading Bitcoins. Now, you do not need any special knowledge to start making money, with Bitcoin Billionaire, all you need to do is make a deposit and watch the trading robots make money for you.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review: The Verdict!

After our excellent experience testing the features of Bitcoin Billionaire, we can confidently affirm that it is a legit auto trading platform and every user can make a profit daily. We tested the live trading feature with the lowest deposit, $250, and earned a profit of $286 after six-hour live trading session. We encourage everyone to try it and have an experience. Bitcoin Billionaire is easy to use, all the features work. We tested the demo trading feature, customer service, payment options, and withdrawals, they all work. The developers have thoughtfully made Bitcoin Billionaire a transparent auto trading platform that can be easily studied and used by all investors.