Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson Asks Fans if They Prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum

Former professional boxer known as “Kid Dynamite” and “Iron Mike”, tweeted on Saturday about bitcoin and ethereum and asked his followers to choose their favorite crypto asset. Tyson is very familiar with bitcoin. On July 25, 2015, Tyson tweeted about an automated teller machine (ATM), that had his image. A website called was also shared by Tyson. It […]

El Salvador Needs To Understand The Bitcoin Network

The mainstream media and Bitcoiners have been very interested in recent news about El Salvador. What will ordinary Salvadorans do with bitcoin? This is the most important question. Is it possible to secure bitcoin in less privileged communities? Lightning Onboarding It is clear that most people are not tech-savvy and don’t have the time or patience to […]

Are Bitcoin Prices Getting Ready To Break Free Of Their Current Malaise?

Bitcoin prices have traded in a fairly well-defined range recently, but could a multimonth low in the technical indicator’s value signal a breakout? According to coinDesk, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency has been trading between $30,000- $42,000 since May. Omkar Godbole , CoinDesk’s reporter, wrote earlier today about digital assets’ market conditions, emphasizing a specific technical indicator. He […]

Venezuela to Slash Six Zeros From Its Currency to Facilitate Payments

Venezuela’s government is currently studying a mathematical redenomination for its currency, the sovereign bolivar. This will make it easier to pay large companies. The redenomination would reduce six zeros to make it easier for companies to calculate high amounts of payments. Although there is no official announcement, Bloomberg reported that three people who are familiar with the subject commented. […]

Recent IRS Memorandum Reaffirms Bitcoin, Ether & Litecoin Exchanges Are Not Like-Kind

Tax legislation before January 1, 2018 let you defer capital gains taxes if you trade one house with another similar land (also referred to as a Like-Kind trade ). Determined by this tax legislation and also the murky crypto tax advice that originated before 2018, a few cryptocurrency holders employed like-kind exchange remedy to crypto-to-crypto […]

Former bitcoin skeptic Carl Icahn says he may pour more than $1 billion into cryptocurrencies – but predicts many digital assets won’t survive

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn advised Bloomberg on Wednesday he had been seeking to become involved with the cryptocurrency area, and might spend more than $1 billion to electronic assets. ‘I mean a large way for us could be a billion bucks, a billion-and-a-half bucks,’ he explained in an interview. ‘I am not going to state […]